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Hello World! Ms. Reason is a very determined woman on a mission. Her life’s journey has been full of twist and turns, but who’s life hasn’t. Ms. Reason is a lover of people and their well-being. Ms. Reason is an author, motivator and a speaker. Her passion is from the core of her being. It is who she is, a beautiful spirit, talented, gifted, and out going inspiration! She is an avid blogger on the subjects of self – esteem, personal growth and personal development and a peer counseling specialist (life coach).

Ms. Reason is a full-time student pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Psychology emphasis Clinical Psychology. Her experience as a  counselor of all ages for many years has led her here and the decision to bring her talents to you! What you will find when you enter Ms. Reason’s world is the “Real.” Her matter of fact personality is what is needed to help people on their life’s journey. Ms. Reason is the producer and hosts a show on Blogtalkradio called The Ms. Reason Show … Speak Up! Everyone is invited to Join in the conversations or just listen in (714) 464-5207. The topics that are discussed on the show will be blogged here to get your perspective.  What she hopes to accomplish with her work is a look at life’s journey from a different perspective. If you could see your life’s experiences through someone else’s eyes or viewpoint it may help you on your journey through life. Ms. Reason will also be available to answer questions. Looking forward to seeing you there, and hearing from you!