Dating in 2009


How is the dating scene working for you? I can’t help but think that being single today is in the best interest of sanity. I say that because when you consider how unstable the world is it begs for a world-wide group therapy session. The standards are less than admirable, lack of communication skills, and not being equally yoked. What I have gathered from researching and investigating the dating scene I found there is a lack of respect for “self” from men and women.  Women are settling for less while lowering themselves to be apart of something while perpetrating a façade. I find that some women lose their sense of self when they become entangled in a “group of girlfriends.” Individuality goes right out of the women, decision-making is no longer done based on personal thought and consideration it becomes a group discussion and nothing is done without talking to the “girlfriends.” With women it seems that what people think about them greatly out weights how they feel about themselves. In my previous blog I spoke about Self-worth and it’s relevant to this blog basically because if one values themselves they will make healthier decisions in regards to who, what, when, where and how the things evolve in their lives. Women with a commanding presence will enter a room and people will notice her and respond accordingly with respect. Being a diva is not the same that is a state of mind and not becoming of any women. Be realistic and stop looking, asking and wanting something that you, yourself can not bring to the table. Be honest about you to you; meaning if there are things that you don’t like about yourself and you can change them than do so, if you can’t change them then embrace it and move on. No one is perfect and if it’s perfection that you are looking for then you set yourself up for failure. There are no quick fixes for self-love. It’s a process that you have to be committed to. It’s worth it because the best investment you can make is in yourself. With women it is a more complicated task because women are far more emotional then men. So until women learn to stop making shallow and hollow decisions based on emotions the results that they have been getting will be the same.

Now men on the other hand have more options in regards to women. But with men it’s pretty simple they do them until they are ready to commit to anything. When will it become clear to women that you can’t change a man? Men in the dating scene now know that they have the upper hand. Where they go wrong and prolong their growth as a man is they don’t embrace the women that will build that empire with them, but instead go for that quick fix. Men are lazy and if they are not ready they will not step up. Letting a man choose you is tricky because you have to evaluate yourself and see why? What are you putting out, that will determine what you will get out of it. If you come across as a piece then that is how they will see you. If you are poised and about business then if he is serious and on that level then he will pursue if not let it go. A real man will never do right by a woman who is not sure of her self and doesn’t command respect. Men, I have noticed that you don’t demand a woman who is the “take home to momma” type. I agree that women have reverted and have become what women in history have tried to change and that is being an “object.”  If your body or physical appearance is all you have to bring to the table then you really need a lot of work on self-love. As individuals, you have to want more for yourself and stop settling. You only have one life, make the best of it.  Don’t be afraid to live and live the best life for you that you can. Live for you… you can’t live for other people, you will never be happy. The reality is that women are emotionally unstable and men are responding by playing on that hence the dating scene in 2009.


~ by Ms. Reason on November 24, 2009.

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