Reality TV (Seriously)

Is it just me or has these so-called reality television shows gone to far? From the dating shows to the fashions shows its ridiculous. The regular TV shows are bad enough. For me these shows represent the state that we are in with regards to being materialistic, shallow, money hungry and emotionally unstable. Why have these shows become the latest craze? Maybe it’s just me being to serious; then again maybe not. The show the Bad Girls… OMG…. Enough said. For me to have my daughter completely embarrassing herself and me on national TV is not a laughing or entertaining matter. I have noticed that these shows have consumed people and they live by these shows. TV for me is just what it was intended to be for entertainment purposes! To be judged and humiliated to win some money and have a clothing line is a bit much for me. Is it that serious to try to be in the lime light for one season? Personally, I feel that these shows take it to the extreme for ratings. And to make matters worse “you” the viewers are raising the ratings by tuning in and in doing so you encourage these ludicrous producers to keep going.  Don’t look now; a show says what not to wear and people mostly females are cleaning out their closet. Or if you don’t have this new “whatever” you won’t be popular, it’s retarded. America is one of the most self-absorbed countries on the planet. Wow, we feed off of people’s heartaches and misery that’s really sad. The whole time we put these TV/movie stars on pedestals and forget that they are human just like you.  Seriously, their personal life should not be a concern. But we have reporters and magazines that are dedicated to making these people’s lives a living heck. Think about it; what if that were you; how would you feel if you couldn’t walk outside your home or raise your family and be a human? It’s almost like they are zoo animals on display against their will. I don’t think you would like it either. But I guess fake reality is better than the real reality of the state the world is in, not just the US . Some real issues that aren’t being discussed are the state of black radio and entertainment as a whole. The school system and the juvenile delinquency rates nationally. The kids are running a muck. These young mothers with multiple children who were barely raised themselves. O let’s not forget they will make a movie about a teen girl getting pregnant and make it seem ok. But the reality is that is a freaking movie. I mention issues that are affecting our children because they are going to run this country in the future and don’t you think if we don’t get it together we will regret it?

Turning a blind eye to reality is not a justifiable defense.
Enjoy your not so Reality TV!!


~ by Ms. Reason on November 24, 2009.

One Response to “Reality TV (Seriously)”

  1. What a fun Ha Ha Ha ha. . . . .


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