Teen Sexuality

This is a touchy subject for some, but I’m going to speak my peace. Where should I begin, hmmm…. Has anybody noticed that since there is NO sex education in schools anymore and parents aren’t taking the time to state the real with these teens the level of confusion is catastrophic. What idiot thought it was a good idea to take sex ed out of the schools.  I had it when I was in school and it helped me answer questions I had and cleared something’s up. I’m actually for gay rights for the simple fact is that they are human and deserve the same human rights as a straight person. But, where I have an issue is when the kids are in their major development stages and are left to their own devises. Obviously the in thing now it seems is to be bi-sexual, lesbian or gay. The problem is they are this way for a summer then that same pre-teen will have a heterosexual relationship the next summer. Is that not confusion? As parents we can’t leave educating our children strictly to the schools. Lord knows the movies and tv shows are not the proper education tool. Sheeesh…. people! It’s time to get down and dirty and seriously personal with our youth. The suicide rate for teens is high and mostly due to the lack of support the need to belong and not being accepted. If they can’t express themselves no matter their orientation it could have devastating consequences.  As parents we need to understand that we don’t know all the answers and avoiding the issues is not the answer.


~ by Ms. Reason on November 24, 2009.

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