“Self-Worth” What does it mean to you?

This question is for the ladies but men are more than welcome to respond. Since my last show I have been in a female rich environment, meaning college. Having made many new acquaintances, I’ve noticed a pattern; a pattern of well educated, beautiful women not valuing themselves beyond the books. They have it all together except when it comes to their worth. When asked the question; do you value yourself, the answers varied. Some were not clear on self worth and thought it meant being conceited; others feel that they have to stay on a lower level because of the women to men ratio. The women that are in relationships are “comfortable” not happy. They agree that things need to change and should but are hesitant to do so, because of fear of being alone, starting over, and feeling like this is the best they can do. Would you agree that valuing ones’ self would change the way these women see themselves?

I must define self-worth… it means to have belief in self, confidence in personal value and worth as an individual person. Self-worth in tells self-esteem, confidence and self-respect.

As women, mothers and role models; I believe it should be taken more serious. There are not enough old school women around setting the example for these young women. Sure its being said that women are looking up to Mrs. Obama, but are you truly looking up to her or the fact that she is married to the first Black President? Mrs. Obama is a great example of a Black women exuding Self-Worth. She knows her role as a queen, wife and most of all as a mother of two future Queens.

It’s important that we recognize the power we have as women.


~ by Ms. Reason on November 27, 2009.

2 Responses to ““Self-Worth” What does it mean to you?”

  1. I admire your post. Specially that where have you described about Mrs. Obama and her role in her family. I think she is the most powerful woman on the earth

    What would you say about that ?

    • I agree with you that she is the most powerful woman. Mrs. Obama is in a position to let America see that women of color are educated, supportive, nurturing and overall Phenomenal. Her admirable character and conviction is commendable. She wears many hats, but all with style and grace!

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