Po3try CoRner

The quality present in You! that gives Intense pleasure and deep satisfaction to the Mind, Body and Soul is why YouRtheReason!

What do you See?

What do you see when you see me?

Am I to you just another pretty face?

Blessed with a nice set of breast?

For your head to rest

Blessed with a small waist, hips and a ass

Like WHOA in your face?

O and let’s not forget my soft place?

That’s the real reason for your chase?

What do you see when you see me?

Is it my full lips and beautiful brown eyes?

            My skin so creamy brown

My hair a length uncommonly found

Is it the way I smile a smile so bright

That it calms you and lets you know all is alright

Is my walk so graceful that it appears my feet aren’t touching the ground?

Appearing to be floating without making a sound

Can u tell me what you see?

Yes physical attraction is the first to get a reaction

But is that the only reason for your attraction

Wouldn’t you like to know my mind?

Before my behind

The reaction I get when this question is asked
lets me know that is not your task

Let me tell you how cloudy your vision is

So maybe you will pass this on to your kids

When u behold a beauty such as me

Don’t get it twisted thinking I’m like the other she!

It will take more than your fly gear and compliments of plenty

See you are walking the same footsteps as many

That has fell short of realizing the beauty within me

True beauty is not skin deep

It’s something that comes from within

Its something you wouldn’t know about

Because you can’t get pass the physical attraction

I’m trying to enlighten you as to why you are on the outside looking in

And why it is best to keep you as a friend

Treat me as though I were a book

And don’t just stop at my looks

It disappoints me to know that’s what you are here for

So before I lead you to the door

Let me ask like I have before

What do you see when you see me?


 (c) 2007 e.n.t YouRtheReason


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